We are so excited after finalizing the design for our master closet with Neil Jackson, owner of Inspired Closets of Baton Rouge.  His team designed our closet in our old house and it is the thing we miss the most while living in a rental house.

OCD: Our Closet Dreams

Beth and I are both organized people (Beth has a touch of OCD) so having a place for everything is important to us. The ability to maximize space and easily find everything in a functional and beautiful space is an amazing experience. We now know the difference an organized closet can have on how we start our day!

We designed the entire house around how we live, and to make life easier and for the home to be maintenance free. Beth had a brilliant idea for a pass through from the closet into the laundry room to avoid carrying laundry baskets and clothes around the house.

Neil is making Beth’s idea a reality with his creativity and design experience. We are excited to be able to just slide our clothes through the wall to wash, and then back through the wall to put them away.

His & Hers

Beth’s part of the closet will have slide out jewelry drawers, necklace stands and a mirror to check her appearance. I will have space to organize my collection of hats, boots and t-shirts, along with all of my professional and dress clothes.

With our Inspired Closet, we will truly start every morning inspired to make the most out of each and every day.

Contact Inspired Closets Today!

We encourage you to reach out to Inspired Closets of Baton Rouge and have them help you design your dream closet.  We guarantee it will be a game changer and promise you will absolutely love your new closet!

Dan & Beth