We are ecstatic about our new master closet and garage storage room in The Coach House that was designed and installed by Inspired Closets of Baton Rouge!

Neil Jackson and his team do an amazing job to ensure all that you desire in your space is incorporated in the design while maximizing all square footage to give you an organized and efficient use of your closet.

We Love Our Inspired Closets & Storage!

We love the shoe and boot racks, valet pull-outs, dry cleaning bin, and Beth is loving her jewelry drawer and necklace pull-out.

Our favorite part of the closet is the exceptional idea that Beth had. We designed the house so the master closet and laundry room back to each other. We have a custom slide through system from the master closet to laundry room – no more walking dirty clothes from the closet to laundry room! Just fill the dirty clothes baskets and on laundry day pull them through from the master closet to the laundry room and wash, dry fold and slide them back through to the closet!

When Beth shared this idea with Neil, he made sure to customize exactly what she had in mind and the result is exactly what she pictured and we love it!

Inspired Closets also designed and built our garage storage room (attic) that will include a work bench for Dan and plenty of storage for all of his hunting, fishing, and dog training gear. When we designed The Coach House, knowing this was our dream house and forever home, one thing important to us was thinking about making things easy and maintenance free as we age.

We also never wanted to go up and down stairs again to get something out of the attic.  So, we have a climate controlled space in the garage with an abundance of space.  We especially love the slat wall that Neil installed in both the garage attic and pantry.  It gives us many options, flexibility and looks fantastic!

Inspired Closets built our custom master closet in our last home after we had a shelf collapse.  It was a game changer and one of the best decisions we ever made.  They have a unique ability to design a beautiful and functional closet that makes life so much easier!  The install team is unbelievable and their attentional to every detail is amazing.  We especially love the carpet they roll out from their truck to the space they are installing!

We encourage you to give Inspired Closets of Baton Rouge a call at 225-381-8077, visit their website or visit them on Facebook – it will be one of the best calls you ever made.  Trust us – it’s a life changer!  That’s how much we love our Inspired Closets!

Coming into the Home Stretch

All the pictures in this blog are installation process pictures, you will have to check back with us to see the final pictures of the master closet and garage storage. We will be making more frequent posts now that we are close to competition. The finishing touches (electrical, AC, front doors) are scheduled for the next couple weeks along with the driveway being installed.

Then some final touches with landscaping and a fence and we should be ready to move in!

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Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Dan & Beth