We’re happy to announce that The Coach House is now fully insulated thanks to the professional team at Mr. Green Jeans Insulation!

Local, Veteran Owned Insulation Contractor: Mr. Green Jeans

They installed 5½ inches of open cell spray foam insulation on the roof line and also on the South  wall facing the ponds(delete facing the ponds and replace Kitchen with South) to help combat the heat from the afternoon sun since there aren’t many trees near the house in that area.

We will be able to stay cool in the dog days of summer!

For most of the exterior walls, they used either R-13, R-19, or R-30 fiberglass batt insulation.  Additionally, the garage walls, Beth’s office and a few other interior walls were sound proofed with 3 inches of mineral wool insulation, so that guests can rest comfortably without hearing the dogs barking or the blender running.

After the drywall is installed, they will come back and insulate the garage ceiling and Dan’s shop with R-30 cellulose.

Mr. Green Jeans Insulation, Three Rivers Services AC & Heating and our general contractor, Del Caldwell with FTM Associates, all worked together in the design and planning of the HVAC system and insulation to maximize energy efficiency, air flow and moisture so we are confident that we will be comfortable at the lowest possible energy costs with little to no maintenance.


What Comes Next? 

The next step is having the drywall installed, which should happen in the coming week.  And that is what Beth is excited about, because after that will be cabinets, closets, and flooring and we will be able to see the beauty of our dream home jump off of the pages into reality.

We will be keeping you updated so please check back and watch the progress.

If you’re looking for reliable and trustworthy contractors, I highly recommend calling Mr. Green Jeans for insulation, Three Rivers Services for AC & Heating and Del Caldwell  to manage any construction project.