One of our favorite rooms in the house is our master closet.

This is the second closet that our friends at Inspired Closets have done for us, we are huge fans and highly recommend them!  The ability of their design team to understand exactly what we wanted while maximizing the use of our space is amazing!  Every little detail was thought of dirty clothes, dry cleaning, jewelry, shoes, boots, hanging clothes, folded clothes and drawer space.

During the design process we were asked so many questions to make sure we had the storage space to easily organize everything in our closet.  So many suggestions were made by the owner Neil Jackson to help us improve the function and daily use of our closet.

He incorporated all of our special requests including Beth’s brilliant idea to have a slide-through tunnel to the laundry room!  This works incredibly well to pass dirty and clean clothes back and forth while also opening up the floor space.

The installation of our closet was exceptional and we absolutely love our closet!  It is beautiful, functional and everything has its own space.  What was really nice was watching it all come together as we unpacked and then stepping back and knowing the time and energy invested during the design phase was so worth it!

If you want an incredible closet that will be a daily game changer in your life give Inspired Closets in Baton Rouge a call.  I am certain you will love your new closet too!

To learn more, click here and visit their website!

Dan & Beth Zimanski